Emulsion Paints


High Quality Acrylic Emulsion Paint

OmegaShield is a revolutionary paint that formulated in advanced technology to deliver exceptional resistance to stains and scuffs and to resist unsightly marks from cleaning and abrasions, this paint delivers an easy clean to help you maintain that freshly-painted look.

Its unique formula improves flow and levelling, along with outstanding opacity, increased durability, coverage and quick-drying characteristics, results in superb application.

Available in:

  • Matt Finish No. 6000
  • Semi-Gloss No. 7000
  • High Gloss No. 9000


High Quality Acrylic Emulsion Paint / Silky Finish
(series 500)

Omegasilk is a high quality acrylic paint which would be to provide extra smooth finish with outstanding durability. The high technological level of this product provides an easy application, fast drying, higher opacity, excellent coverage, leveling and adherence to the surface.


High Quality Acrylic Emulsion Paint / Egg-Shell Finish
(series 400)

OmegaLux is a high quality acrylic paint that gives smooth uniform egg-shell finish, manufactured from quality pigments and acrylic resin to enhance hiding capabilities, flow and levelling without leveling any marks.


Acrylic Emulsion Paint / Flat Uniform Finish
(series 800)

OmegaModern is an economy emulsion paint applicable where a remarkable new flat paint is recommended for walls and ceilings; it repels dust, dirt and allows the humidity to pass through.


Protective Coating for Concrete & Masonry

OmegaAntiCarb is an anti-carbonation protective paint used to protect exposed concrete surface from degradation against atmospheric pollutants (carbonation), impact of UV and other weather elements. Used for car parks, industrial & commercial facilities, bridges, subways, etc.

This product gives excellent coverage with outstanding adhesion; good filling power due to a perfectly opaque film combined with an excellent fluidity and is applicable to all concrete substrates

anti carb


High Quality Anti-Bacterial Paint / Egg-Shell Finish

OmegaAntiBacterial is a water-based non-toxic paint that contains highly active, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth and spread of harmful bacteria by up to 99.8%. It can be used for residential and industrial product applications, with outstanding durability and stain resistance technology.

anti bacterial paint
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