Synthetic Enamel


High Quality Alkyd Solvent Base Enamel Paint

OmegaEnamel is high quality solvent-based enamel paint with excellent colour retention, ideal for interior and exterior plaster, metals and wooden surfaces where a highly durable finish is required. It has a good opacity with excellent leveling properties without leaving brush marks, non-toxic, extremely washable, and free from disagreeable odor after drying.

Available in:

  • High Gloss No. 900
  • Semi-Gloss No. 700
  • Matt Finish No. 600


No. 130

Metallic Effect Paint

OmegaMetallic is a solvent-based paint with a special effect finish that imparts a metallic look to a wide range of surfaces for indoor or outdoor use. It can be applied by spray for flat surfaces to provide an outstanding uniform metallic finish or by brush for small areas like trims, frames and columns, available in several metallic colours gold, silver & bronze.

No. 130


No. 123

Protective and Large Metallic Paint for Metal

OmegaFerForge is a one component air-dry top coat urethane alkyd enamel paint used on ferrous surfaces (Wrought Iron) that gives an attractive sparkle finish for interior and exterior use, resistant to UV and weathering with excellent anti-corrosive properties.


Urethane Alkyd Base, Clear & Hard Protective Finish

OmegaVarnish is a clear coat that based on special alkyd oil suitable for interior and exterior wooden surfaces that has been developed specifically to give an ultra-hard, scratch resistant and non-yellowing finish.

Available in:

  • High Gloss No. 150
  • Semi-Gloss No. 152
  • Matt Finish No. 154
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