Industrial & Floor Coatings


No. 12000

Solvent-Based Epoxy

OmegaEpoxyPaint is a two-component low viscosity chemically curing glossy paint for concrete and metal that provides an extremely tough and durable coat, with exceptional resistance to most chemicals, solvents & oils. OmegaEpoxyPaint is ideal for use where regular foot, vehicle & truck traffic is expected, & where there is risk of occasional spillage’s of chemicals, solvents, oils & other surface contamination, such as warehouses, factories, workshops, garages & showrooms.


No. 13000

High Build Solvent-Based Epoxy

OmegaEpoxyHB is a high solid solvent-based two-component epoxy coating for concrete floors, with high build characteristics allowing each coat application up to 500 microns dry film thickness, suitable for high traffic areas by offering excellent resistance for abrasion and chemicals.


No. 14000

Self-Levelling Solvent-Free Epoxy

OmegaEpoxySF is a two-component solvent-free epoxy floor coating. It is a high performance self-levelling high viscosity one coat system product with an average 1.2mm dry film thickness per coat, giving a durable seamless surface, specially formulated as heavy duty concrete coating for floor. This product provides a hard wearing and extreme abrasion resistant floor finish for basement, warehouses, industrial factories and indoor car parks, in addition to high resistance to chemicals, oils, grease and salts.


No. 11002

Pigmented Epoxy Primer for Concrete

OmegaEpoxyPrimer is a high quality two-component epoxy primer designed to seal the porosity of the substrate thus providing a homogeneous and adherent surface to various epoxy and topcoat coating systems. It provides superior resistance of concrete to chemicals and daily abrasion, and reduces its absorption of water and salts.


No. 11088

Epoxy Primer for Metals

OmegaEpoxyZincRichPrimer is a two-component, activated zinc rich epoxy primer for steel; it offers excellent protection by reducing the effect of corrosion on a long-term period. It has good mechanical strength with improved tolerance to different climate conditions (high temperature and humidity) during application, as well as, to high dry film thickness.


No. 11009

Cracks & Repair Epoxy Putty Filler

OmegaEpoxyPutty is a versatile, non-shrinking epoxy product that serves as true adhesive and putty filler in one. It is ideal for filling applications of up to 30 mm thick.

Key Features

  • Extremely strong: 3x stronger than concrete
  • Fast drying, solvent-free and shrink-free
  • Highly resistant to water, oil, gasoline, some acids and alkali
  • Low odour
  • Non chipping, cracking or peeling once cured


No. 190

Single-Pack Top Coat Paint

OmegaTopCoat is a premium quality, single-pack, solvent-based floor paint with an attractive mid sheen finish suitable for concrete wood and steel with outstanding durability for exterior and interior application.

Due to excellent film hardness and erosion resistance, OmegaTopCoat is capable of standing up to scuffing in light to medium traffic areas, mild chemical spillage and repeated washing. Under normal circumstances, this ensures your environment achieves a lasting, high-quality look.

Key Features

  • Tough & durable smooth floor finish
  • For light to medium traffic areas
  • Outdoor applications, UV resistant & non-yellowing
  • Fast drying properties.& can be solved by white spirit
  • Easy to apply
  • Mid-sheen finish


No. 180

Clear Concrete Sealer

OmegaCrete is a one coat, tough, high solids, and pure acrylic concrete sealer in a solvent base. It is designed to protect and beautify all types of cured concrete with a high gloss, durable clear coating. This sealer is non-yellowing to preserve the appearance of all types of decorative concrete. OmegaCrete protects and beautifies surfaces such as colored, stamped, and exposed aggregate. It also protects concrete pavers and acid-stained surfaces. Paver joints will be stabilized, and concrete pavers will be sealed.

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